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Piece By Piece is a jigsaw puzzle game with a minimalist approach. No time limits, no gimmicks, no distractions. Simply choose one of the 101 beautiful images that come with the game - or use one of your own - and start puzzling! With a large variety of different piece shapes, a huge work area, and several intuitive tools for sorting your pieces, Piece By Piece provides countless hours of relaxing jigsaw gameplay.

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Piece By Piece trailer

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Main features

  • Wide selection of images. Piece By Piece comes with a varied selection of 101 images, including photographs, paintings, antique maps, and more.
  • Huge puzzles. Ever wanted to try your hand at a 5000-piece puzzle? With Piece By Piece, you can. And if that is a bit much for you, you can choose any piece count between 25 and 5000.
  • Easy sorting of pieces. Simply click and drag to create zones, and then click on pieces to send them to a zone. Quickly and intuitively group pieces by color, shape, or any other property.
  • Huge work area. In Piece By Piece, your virtual tabletop is several times larger than the actual puzzle, giving you tons of space for sorting pieces and assembling parts of the puzzle.
  • Create your own puzzles. Use one of your own photos, or any image downloaded off the internet. Simply choose a puzzle shape and a piece count, and start puzzling!
  • Large selection of puzzle shapes. From the iconic puzzle piece shape to the most exotic patterns, Piece By Piece features dozens of possible puzzle shapes.

Additional features

  • Automatic saving. The current state of the puzzle is saved whenever you quit the game, so you'll never have to worry about losing your progress.
  • Zooming and panning. Zoom out to get an overview of the complete work area, or zoom in to get a closer look at the individual pieces.
  • Target image references. You can either view the target image in detail, or project it onto the playing field and build your puzzle right on top of it.
  • Mismatches. Just because two pieces can be attached together, doesn't mean they should be! This realistic feature adds an extra layer of difficulty.
  • Controller support. The main game can be played with a controller. A mouse and keyboard are required for a small number of menus and features.
Published Mar 21, 2016
TagsCasual, jigsaw, Relaxing


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